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Located in Stouffville Ontario, Stonehouse Travel is a full service travel agency specializing in custom-designed vacations worldwide. We have been serving the Canadian traveler from the same location since 1973. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff has traveled extensively and is committed to providing the highest level of personal service and the best travel values available.

Our affiliations include The Affluent Traveler, Travelsavers Canada, ACTA and TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario).

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Meet the Dream Team

Lynne – Owner & Operator
Lynne has worked within the travel industry for 18 years, and has been the proud owner of Stonehouse Travel for the last 7 years. Having taken her first trip at 5 years old, Lynne has delighted in building and expanding her travel portfolio across 4 continents, 3 oceans and 7 seas…so far!

A fearless traveler with a love of adventure, Lynne has taken private pilot lessons and enjoys how you get there almost as much as when you get there. She has traveled by jet plane, bi-plane, helicopter, cruise ship, barge ships, train and car; has been across glaciers, hovered over volcanos, hiked, snorkeled and zip-lined.

Her favourite destinations include Great Britain and Italy, although Iceland, the South Pacific, and the Caribbean also hold a place in her heart. Second only to traveling, Lynne’s passion and pleasure come from bringing to life the travel dreams of Stonehouse Travel clients.

Val – Travel Specialist
Val has worked in the travel industry for 13 years, with over a decade spent at Stonehouse Travel. Val first started building her travel repertoire domestically and has been across Canada coast-to-coast. She considers herself a travel expert for Western Canada and would recommend the following to anyone looking to have an amazing experience in our Western Canadian landscape: the Rocky Mountaineer Train Gold Leaf Service, the hot springs in Banff at the Banff Springs Hotel, and Lake Louise for the calming picturesque beauty.

Val has also toured through various southern states, has frequented the Caribbean islands – St. Lucia, Jamaica and Turks & Caicos to name a few – and has enjoyed European treks through Austria, Holland and Germany. Her favourite travel destination is currently a tie between Innsbruck Austria and Turks & Caicos for their unrivaled scenery, and ultimate relaxation.

For future travel, Val would love to see Ireland and South Africa but isn’t fussed as long as there is a beautiful landscape or gorgeous beach. “It’s so hard to choose! The world is at your fingertips every day.”

Sherry – Travel Specialist
Sherry is a well-travelled professional who has enjoyed making travel dreams come true for adventurous patrons for over 16 years. Sherry’s first introduction to life abroad began as a child with summers spent in our vast Northern backyard of Alaska. With a hunger for culture and scenery, Sherry has visited 32 countries to date and vows to continue until her map cannot hold any more pushpins!

With 22 visits alone to the UK and Ireland, Sherry specializes in travel to the British Isles and holds a wealth of expertise on battlefield tours. Her breadth of travel has taken her to the floating markets in Thailand, to countryside castles and seaside sand-castles; but of all the destinations she has visited, Sherry’s heart belongs to Wales. Why Wales? She wistfully describes Wales as a piece of heaven that has all of the UK scenery, but is alive with original, untouched, and unspoiled culture.

As a part-time professional photographer, Sherry views vacations through a lens and experiences culture through the food and benevolence of the local people. She can’t wait to extend her vacation map to include India and South Africa – camera and adventurous appetite at the ready! Her advice to novice travellers: “Relax and go with it – sometimes vacations that aren’t like home are the best ones.”

Lynn Kerr – Travel Specialist
A Stouffville native for the last 25 years, Lynn has spent 24 of those years serving travelling enthusiasts. Her first vacation was an Eastern Caribbean cruise in college, and she’s been travel bound ever since.

While raising two daughters, Lynn has managed to see much of Central and South America, as well as Europe. Her vast travels have made her our resident expert of the South-Western Hemisphere, in addition to Spain and Portugal. She has seen the wonders of the Galapagos Islands, danced the samba in Rio, eaten chillies in Chile, enjoyed sweeping barbecue platters from Argentina, and has been thrilled by flying over the cloud forest via zip-line at Monte Verde, Costa Rica. She hopes to next experience the hospitality of Eastern Europe, and pursue adventures in Prague, Budapest and Vienna.

Lynn believes with travel – the possibilities are endless. She specializes in customized itineraries and programs so that all clients can experience travel without limits exactly the way they want it.

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