Britain & Ireland

Traditional and cutting edge, imaginative and surprising… Whatever you’re looking for – there are so many things to do in United Kingdom countries and cities. From bustling metropolitans to lush rolling hills, visit the UK for your perfect customized trip.


Embrace your inner tourist and visit the exciting UK capital, London! Whether you are looking for royalty at Buckingham Palace, shopping at Harrods or catching a football match in one of 18 English league stadiums; London has it all! Ride the double-decker bus and travel through London’s boroughs, or cruise down the River Thames and climb Tower Bridge.

Savour British fare! Start your day with a full English breakfast featuring sausage, eggs, bubble and squeak, or fill up on cold pork pies and scotch eggs. Choose a cheese plate from over 700 English cheeses, or enjoy a lighter snack at afternoon tea. Visit London’s Brick lane for authentic, spicy curry or one of countless pubs for renowned fish and chips and a pint of bitters, ale, lager or stout!
Browse through 130 traditional wooden chalets in Bath’s Christmas market, or visit Oxford and Cambridge – two of the world’s top academically ranked universities. Walk through history at Stonehenge or visit one of hundreds of castles on your British tour.


Did you know the lush Island of Ireland is bordered by two seas, two channels and an ocean? This seemingly unending coastline should not deter travellers – this is a perfect sister stop when making your way from Britain; especially if making your way from Cork Harbour, the second largest natural harbour in the world. While in Cork, get the gift of gab by kissing the famous Blarney Stone.

The birthplace of Halloween, croquet and Leprechauns – Ireland’s rich history and beautiful scenery can be sometimes overlooked in lieu of mysticism and political turbulence. However for the calm adventurer – the Cliffs of Moher are to be enjoyed along with the countless cathedrals, castles and ruins. A stroll through Killarney National Park, a tour at the House of Waterford Crystal, or a pint of Guinness Irish stout may be just what the doctor ordered for the UK traveller looking to have “a whale of a time”!

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