Iceland & Scandinavia

The Scandinavian Peninsula is the largest peninsula in Europe and extends from above the Arctic Circle; this region includes Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Depending on where you visit, you could be a witness to any number of amazing natural wonders: midnight sun, Aurora Borealis, volcanos, glaciers and geysers!

All of the Scandinavian countries offer a feast for the eyes and an experience of a lifetime.


Featured as a Stonehouse Travel favourite, Iceland is well situated between North America and Europe, and is ideal for an Ice-En-Route Spa Stopover or a longer adventurous vacation. A visit to this stunning country should include a dip in sulphur infused hot pools, a brief trek along the famous 830 mile Ring Road, hiking in the Skaftafell ice caves, and a visit to one of many top Scandinavian spas.

After all of your travel kinks have been massaged out, fill up Skyr – an Icelandic staple which is a soft cheese (somewhere between a Greek yogurt and crème fraiche). Icelanders also claim their lamb is better than any lamb in the world, and with over 8500 km of coastline, fresh or dried fish can be found almost anywhere. For the more exotic palette, enjoy a local dish made of Puffin bird; or a foot long hotdog for those who are less adventurous in their cuisine.

Whether it is spelunking or spa-hopping, Scandinavian countries are not to be missed!

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